Racing Pink UV Jig Perdigon

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Racing Pink UV Jig Perdigon

Racing Pink UV Jig Perdigon is a very effective Perdigon nymph tied on a Demmon Jig competition barbless hook. Tied in a salmon pink color and ribbed with UV ribbing Perdigon tinsel to enhance the visibility, these flies are extra effective in cold waters of the fall, winter and spring time. Absolutely deadly for grayling!

The barbless jig hook minimizes snags and the tungsten bead gives it extra weight. The tail is tied using Coq de Leon feathers, which gives this fly more realistic look.

Racing Pink UV Jig Perdigon nymph comes in three hook sizes #14, #16 and #18

How to fish Racing Pink UV Jig Perdigon nymph

Czech Nymphing Style

  • use a long and sensitive rod, size 2-4 wt, 10′ to 11′ long
  • where the regulations allow, fish with two nymphs at the time on a thin leader (Czech type of leader)
  • place the heavy nymph on top and smaller (lighter) on a dropper
  • droppers should be maximum 10-15 cm (4”-6”) long and the distance between flies approximately 50 cm (20”)

French or Spanish Nymphing Styles

  • use a sensitive rod, size 2-5 wt, 10′ to 11′ long
  • fish with one small nymph
  • the leader should be 3–4.5 meters long (10-15 feet)