Top 5 Tips for Summer Fly Fishing

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Top 5 Tips for Summer Fly Fishing

Top 5 Tips for Summer Fly Fishing

Summer fly fishing season is upon us so make sure you’re ready before you rush out and hit the water. Here are five fly fishing tips that will help you get your gear ready to catch the most fish.


Organize Your Fly Boxes

Don’t wait until you are on the water to check your fly boxes to ensure they are organized and stocked. Your flies are most likely disorganized and missing the patterns that got the most action last summer. Remove old, worn out and rusty flies, and take the time to organize your fly boxes. You don’t want to be the one scrambling to find the right fly you need while everyone else around you is catching fish. Identify which flies you need and buy them online ahead of time so you will be ready for the action.


Prepare Your Reels and Lines

There is nothing worse than finally getting out on the water, hooking the first fish of the season and having your line snap. Before you head out, check your line and reels. Examine the line, leaders and tippets for cracks and replace them if necessary. If your line is dirty, clean it by stripping the reel into a sink of soapy water, rinse and dry the line as you reel it back up. Make sure your reel is screwed in tight and check your drag system to ensure it is working properly.



Perform a quick inspection of your waders and look for tears, worn spots or tiny pin holes. A small, bearable leak from last year can become a big problem this season. Holes and leaks can be easily identified by filling your waders with water. Most leaks can be easily patched with a repair kit. If your waders are already covered in patches, it’s time for a new pair.


Stream Side Tools, Floatants and Weights

Do a quick check of your fly fishing tools like hemostats and nippers to make sure they haven’t disappeared and are still in good condition. If you haven’t already, consider attaching them to your fishing vest with a retractor so they are always there when you need them. Also, make sure to stock up on weights, floatants and indicators before you hit the water without these important items.


Do Your Research 

Before summer fly fishing season, review the water flows and hatch calendar. We all have our favorite fishing spots, but if the water flows are too low, odds are that you will be out of luck. Do a quick check to make sure the rivers and streams you fish have adequate levels. Fly hatches change every season so be sure to update your calendar so you will have the right flies on hand and make the most of the hatches.   

Taking a few moments to prepare for summer fly fishing will make your time on the water much more enjoyable. Being ready with the right gear may make the difference whether you land that big fish or your fishing buddy does.

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